ColorEdge monitors show the deepest of blacks

You’ve done all your research and bought a great camera, tripod, lenses, lights and camera bags, selecting the very best industry-standard equipment, but what about the thing that sits quietly on your desk? The thing you actually see your images on: the monitor?

What if the images you’ve shot aren’t quite the images you’re looking at? What if the tone isn’t there? What if the full range of colour isn’t being seen? What if only a small amount of the depth you captured on the day is visible to you at your desk?

We think carefully about the camera we use at the point of capture, but now it’s time to make the monitor as important as everything else in the process. What we need is an EIZO ColorEdge. Professional photographers have worked with EIZO monitors for years – it’s an open secret within the industry. Why do they choose EIZO? Because they value the accuracy, vibrancy and depth of colour their monitors give them, whether it’s for that beautiful landscape, close-up wildlife shot or black and white portrait. Behind those stunning visuals lies the cutting-edge design and technology of EIZO’s monitors.

It works like this:

You may never see this much colour

A colour gamut defines a more specific range of colours from the range of colours identifiable by the human eye (i.e. the visible spectrum). While regular monitors are limited to the sRGB colour gamut and around 16.7 million display colours, EIZO ColorEdge monitors cover 99% of the Adobe RGB colour space*; supporting 30-bit colour, we can extend the colour gamut to over a billion colours.

Bring images to life with a billion plus colours

You’ve never seen true blacks and uniform tone

The tone of an image is what gives it depth and clarity. Without the ability to show tone, you aren’t able to accurately represent your image. Where most monitors set tone to a mid-point, leaving dull areas or hot-spots, EIZO ColorEdge uses its own Digital Uniformity Equaliser (DUE) to combat this.

The DUE measures brightness and chromaticity (the ability to accurately display a wide range of colours) throughout the monitor and makes the necessary corrections to maximise the dynamic
range of your image, wherever you look.

Due technology ensures outstanding colour tone throughout the screen

Lasting colour with a five-year onsite warranty

All EIZO ColorEdge monitors bought in the UK are covered by EIZO’s industry-leading five-year onsite warranty. The warranty ensures no ColorEdge user is ever left without a monitor, as a replacement can be provided while the faulty monitor is being fixed. All repairs are carried out at EIZO’s UK-based repair centre.

Ease of use and professional quality

EIZO ColorEdge monitors come in two ranges: CG for 4K, high definition and HDR; and a more affordable CS range for 99% Adobe RGB gamut, Digital Uniformity Equaliser and smooth colour gradation. The CS range has the same tonal responses as the professional CG monitor range, but for a lower cost. The ergonomic design incorporates a useful handle, making it perfect for on-site work. All monitors come with EIZO ColorEdge’s own ColorNavigator calibration software, which is simple and easy to install.

Eizo ColorEdge CS

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*Not including the EIZO CS230