German printing-specialist WhiteWall has introduced a service, called RoomView, which enables you to pre-visualise how your photographs will look on a wall – and then get specialist advice if needed.

RoomView is soon to be integrated into the company’s website so no additional software is required, just the photo you want to hang/frame and an image of the room. Images can be uploaded by a QR code on a smartphone or computer.

“Creating wall art with your own photography can involve a challenging decision-making process,” said WhiteWall. “The variety of options, such as formats and frames, need to perfectly match the picture, as well as the room and the available space.”

Once your photo is uploaded, it is automatically converted into a 3D product preview. This contains all the product attributes and additional features, such as the glass and frame. To make sure that the image fits the size and perspective of the room, you then need to enter the dimensions (width and height) of a wall or an existing picture that is hanging in your room.

Another neat feature enables you to ’empty’ the wall area of other pictures to help see if the potential image will work in the space.

A ‘Set white point’ function also takes the lighting conditions of the room into account. If you need further advice, an online consultation process can be booked via the website.

The new service is available from the end of April. See this YouTube video for more details.

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