What secondhand gear are you currently using?
I first fell in love with photography around five years ago when I bought my first SLR, the Nikon D3100. I started shooting small then built up my portfolio and branched into shooting for bigger bands and events so decided I needed to step-up the kit. I bought the Nikon D7100 from eBay following lots of researching different cameras. I then bought the Sigma 17-70mm from MPB. Both are great robust pieces of kit and I have been using these for two years now. I also bought Nikon 50mm and 55-200mm lenses from eBay.

What do you mainly shoot?
Live bands, mostly, the more energetic the better to make it challenging. Occasionally I do events shoots and some landscape photos. Photography is my hobby, and I get asked to go do the odd little shoot job here and there but I do it because I love it. Recently I was at a band shoot, when I dropped my camera bag full of equipment. When I picked up my camera it rattled and could hear loose glass… On closer inspection it turned out it was just my UV filter that had smashed and saved my lens. I never go out without a filter now and that would be my top tip for other photographers, whether you buy used gear or not.

Which of your images shot on used gear are you particularly proud of?
During a recent festival I shot my best photo I’ve ever taken with my D7100, of Joel from the Australian rock band Airbourne flying high (below). I like to be creative with my photos and try and get the ‘different’ shot to all the other photographers. I have been in many photography pits at gigs with many photographers, who have cameras on each arm, lenses in each pocket… Me, I just have my one and only trusty Nikon, and maybe take two lenses. My kit is pretty good and I’m happy with the results – I’m happy that bands sometimes share my photos as much as the ones taken by professional photographers.

See more of Angela’s work at www.facebook.com/cobspix and @cobspix on Instagram. She also shoots for Rockzone,