Self-styled ?citizen journalism? picture agency Scoopt has teamed up with image sharing website Flickr in a bid to make more of the public?s images available to potential buyers.

Scoopt is inviting Flickr members to ?tag? uploaded images, should they wish to make them available to potential media outlets, such as newspapers.

Buyers will then be able to search for tagged shots on the website and broker a deal through Scoopt.

?There are some fantastic photographs on Flickr that you just don?t find anywhere else,? said Scoopt?s founder Kyle MacRae who added: ?Some of this content is valuable to creative and media markets but there?s no easy way to connect Flickr members to buyers.?

Any money made from pictures sold is split 50:50 between Scoopt and the photographer, according to the agency.

To use the new service photographers much first register membership of Scoopt, which is free (visit