The 24mm, 50mm and 85mm optics form part of the new Samyang Xeen series and should deliver the respective 35mm viewing angle equivalents of 35mm, 75mm and 155mm. They will be available in Canon, Nikon, Sony E, Micro Four Thirds and PL [Positive Lock] versions. They each cost £1,600. According to UK distributor Into 2020, Samyang plans to launch three more lenses in the series next year. Meanwhile, a dedicated website has been launched at

Press release
August 10, 2015 – a new professional video-cinema lens brand has been announced today.
The XEEN series, from Samyang Optics, consists of three lenses, each delivering outstanding image quality with resolving power for high-definition videos and a bright T1.5 aperture. Three more lenses will be announced next year, to complete a line of professional cinema lenses.

XEEN lenses are available in 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm focal lengths. On a Super 35 sensor, the lenses will give an equivalent view of 35mm, 75mm, and 155mm, which are focal lengths that are commonly used in a variety of cinema and video productions. Three more lenses are planned for release next year for a complete set of six lenses for professional video and cinema.

The main characteristics of XEEN lenses are their outstanding resolving power, which is suitable for high-definition videos. In addition, the XEEN lenses feature multi-nano-coatings ensuring maximum image quality by minimising lens flare and ghosting.

The T1.5 aperture is another major feature of the XEEN line of cine lenses. XEEN lenses reliably deliver high quality footage with clear contrast and impressive colours, even under less-than-optimal lighting conditions. The large aperture also creates a pleasing bokeh effect for a cinematic look.

A new dedicated website at has been created, giving full details about the products.

All three lenses are available in five fittings: Canon / Nikon / Sony E / Micro Four Thirds & PL
All three lenses have a suggested retail price of £1,600.00 inc VAT