Electronics giant Samsung has launched 100 SD memory cards to the edge of space in a bid to prove how tough they are.

The cards – each attached to a paper plane using glue and designed to fall back to earth – are loaded with photos, messages and songs from people around the globe.

They were launched in a helium balloon from a location in Germany and expected to reach a height of 125,000 feet.

A Samsung spokeswoman said: ‘During their flight, the planes and memory cards will endure incredible external forces, including winds of up to 200mph or higher in the jet stream, temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius and as high as 85 degrees.’

The memory cards were attached to the front of the planes to encourage them to glide down to earth ‘over a large area’.

Samsung hopes the project will link hundreds of people across the planet.

Cameras will record the release of the planes.

Test flights saw the balloon carrying them achieve an altitude of 17 miles.

Anyone finding a plane with a memory card attached is urged to visit https://projectspaceplanes.com/ask

The project was meant to launch last year but was delayed by poor weather conditions.