Samsung has hinted at plans to develop a full-frame CMOS imaging sensor for use in a ?professional? standard digital SLR.

So far, however, the sensor has only reached the design stage and it is far from clear whether it will become a reality.

We also understand that, late last year, Samsung Electronics set up a secret team within its HQ in Suwon to begin research on a professional DSLR.

Samsung has also made clear that its relationship with Pentax is ongoing.

The news emerged during an informal discussion with a high-ranking Samsung official at an industry event in Seoul, Korea, attended by Amateur Photographer (AP) technical writer Barney Britton.

Kyong-Kook Shin, assistant manager for Samsung?s digital camera marketing planning group, suggested that the firm is actively pursuing development of a full-frame CMOS sensor intended for use in a professional camera.

Reporting on the 2 April meeting, Barney writes: ?Although there is no indication yet as to when it might arrive, it seems now that photographers can look forward to a professional full-frame DSLR with a Pentax lens mount at some point in the future.?

Samsung UK?s office was not able to confirm the comments made by Kyong-Kook Shin.

Commercial director Robert King told AP’s newsdesk: ?Samsung is committed to the DSLR market and we are continuing to invest in R&D in this important market sector. However, we are unable to provide further comment on any future product development at this time.?

Samsung?s latest DSLR is the 14-million-pixel GX-20, which carries an APS-C size sensor.

Picture: Samsung’s latest DSLR, the GX-20, carries an APS-C size sensor