Rotolight has announced its R90 and R120 Universal Parabolic Softbox Umbrellas that are designed to help photographers, cinematographers and content creators to produce high quality, soft light.

Said to be ‘made from a highly durable, highly reflective material’, the R90 and R120 16-sided softboxes can be used for key lighting for portraiture, wedding, commercial, fashion and videos.

These light-shapers can be used both on location and in studio settings.

They are said to offer, ‘stunning, soft light output with a crisp edge that lends dimension and focussed detail to the subject whilst producing natural-looking catchlights.’

Rotolight R120

The Rotolight R120 umbrella has a diameter of 120cm (47.2-inches)

Removable diffusion panels

Both sizes come with removable 1-stop outer and 0.5 inner baffle diffusion panels, which can be used in various combinations to produce between 0.5-stop and 1.5-stop diffusion levels.

The diffuser panels are made from advanced diffuser materials to offer minimal pass through light loss.

A 40-degree fabric Honeycomb Grid is included, allowing users to fine-tune soft light in any indoor or outdoor shooting scenario.

The Rotolight R90’s quick-release system allows users to set up the softbox in a matter of seconds, thus potentially saving time on a shoot.

Rotolight R90

The Rotolight R90 parabolic softbox can offer up to 1.5 stops of light diffusion

Bowens mount compatibility

When combined with Rotolight’s new Universal Bowens/Elinchrom adaptor users can mount Rotolight AEOS 1 & 2, NEO 1, 2 and 3 LED lights, or any LED light with a 1.4-inch 20 thread.

With the Rotolight Universal Bowens/Elinchrom Mount adapter, the modifiers are compatible with all third-party speedlights, strobes and Bowens monolight flash heads.

The R90 and R120 are made of tough, long-lasting fabric and have been designed to last.

They feature high quality pocketed steel tension rods for long operational life and simple, fast setup/breakdown.

Rod Aaron Gammons, CEO of Rotolight, said, ‘Following the launch of our award-winning AEOS 2 and NEO 3 lights, we’re delighted to be able to announce exciting new accessories that our customers have been asking for. These will help users create stunning soft light and the perfect complement to our new Rotolight products. We are very excited to see what Rotolight users create with them. The possibilities are endless.’

Rotolight R90 & R120 – key specifications

  • Item type: Parabolic softbox (16-sided hexadecagon shape)
  • Interior colour: Silver
  • Light compatibility: Built-in speed ring with Bowens S mount
  • Set-up type: Quick release system
  • Accepts grids: Yes, quality fabric honeycomb grid included
  • Removable front face: Yes
  • Interior baffles: Yes, removable
  • Dimensions: ø:35.4″/ø:90cm (R90); -ø:47.2″/ø:120cm (R120)

You can watch a short video about the Rotolight R90 and R120 umbrellas below…

Pricing & availability

The modifiers each come with a storage bag, a deep parabolic softbox, an outer layer diffuser, an inner layer diffuser and a fabric honeycomb grid.

Both the R90 and R120 come with a one-year warranty, are available to pre-order now and will ship in July 2022.

Prices are £249.99 for the R90 and £289.99 for the R120.

To pre-order just go to Rotolight light modifiers.

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