The C6i promises to carry a 50% greater load than its predecessor, enabling it to carry up to 12kg. according to Rollei. The C6i is also built to extend 15cm further – to 174cm. The tripod also boasts an aluminium head, a 360° panoramic function and a rubberised quick-release plate with stainless steel screws. The Rollei C6i costs £199.99. Visit

Press release
Iconic German camera brand Rollei has launched the Rollei Tripod C6i, a taller and stronger upgrade to its most popular tripod, the C5i.

Given the commercial success of its predecessor, Rollei wanted to retain much of the original design in the C6i yet still offer something new to its customers.

The C6i can not only extend 15cm taller than the C5i to 174cm, it can also hold a load of 12kg, giving an impressive 50% increase over its predecessor.

As a result of the length and load tolerance increases, Rollei believes the C6i will protect its customers against any future changes in camera equipment as the potential weight or height limitations have been completely removed.

Jeremy Rother, UK Sales Manager at Rollei says:
“The modern photographer has so many lenses, bodies and other accessories that finding a one-size fits all tripod can be difficult. Not only does the C6i work with all current DSLR cameras, we believe that the increased load tolerance will ensure that the tripod will continue to be the right product for the job, even if cameras get even heavier than they are currently.”

The accessory also boasts an aluminium tripod head that provides a 360° panoramic function, as well as an indentation for portrait orientation. The rubberised quick release plate with stainless steel screws allows photographers to rapidly change equipment without compromising on the stability and build quality.

As with all Rollei products, the C6i comes complete with a range of add-ons and accessories. These include the 62Q Panorama ball head, three spikes, replacement rubber feet, wrist strap, multi-purpose spanner, hook, as well as two separate bags for the tripod.

The Rollei C6i is available now for £199.99.

Weight (without ball head) – 1,680 g
Weight (incl. ball head) – 2,140 g
Max. Height – 174 cm
Min. Height – 24 cm
Folded Height – 47 cm
Max. Load – 12 kg
Leg Sections – 4
Tubing Diameters – 28, 25, 22, 19
Material – Aluminum