Ricoh has this morning announced the GR Digital II, a digital compact camera to succeed the GR Digital released two years ago.

Boasting ?low noise and low colour aberration? the GR Digital II features a 10-million-pixel CCD imaging sensor and an f/2.4 lens designed to deliver the 35mm viewing angle equivalent of a 28mm optic.

Ricoh has confirmed a UK price of £399.99. Various kits will also be available.

The GR Digital II is due in shops at the end of November or beginning of December, according to Ricoh Europe sales manager Takashi Arai who was speaking at the UK launch in central London.

Features include a new image processor and a function designed to allow the photographer to assess whether the camera is level, using an indicator on the LCD screen and a ?warning sound? sensor.

Also on board is a ?1:1 aspect ratio? for square format images, plus a raw mode.

Writing time in the raw mode has been cut to around 3.8sec, claims Ricoh.

Click here for the full technical specifications, as supplied by Ricoh.

? Ricoh’s research suggests that 77% of GR Digital owners also have an SLR

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