Rare signed images by the late Bob Carlos Clarke, from his last London show, have gone on sale to the public and are on display in an online gallery.

The award-winning photographer died when he was struck by a train at a level-crossing in Barnes, London on 25 March last year.

It later emerged that he had taken his own life and had been suffering from clinical depression.

Seventeen images from the 2004 exhibition, Love Dolls Never Die, have gone on sale, each costing more than £21,000. Three of them measure more than 6ft wide.

The exhibition was the first in which the photographer ?embraced the digital revolution?, explained 20ltd.com, the website that has made the images available for sale.

A 20ltd.com spokesperson added: ?Due to his untimely death very few prints were made and signed. The entire collection of full-sized prints was acquired at the time of his death by a private collector??

When he died, Bob had been a voluntary patient at The Priory hospital in south-west London.

Earlier this year Bob?s wife Lindsey told the Daily Telegraph that he had been plagued by an inner torment and had been traumatised by the death of fellow photographer Patrick Lichfield four months earlier.

Commenting on the Love Dolls Never Die pictures in 2004, Bob Carlos Clarke said: ?My new show is the antithesis of everything I have ever preached. I?ve gone for brutal clarity and intense manipulation. It?s a complete fusion of old and new technology: traditional darkroom ?wet? processes and state-of-the-art Photoshop re-touching. The files are huge…?

The large-format prints come with the original exhibition frame and a certificate of authenticity signed by the photographer.

The largest measure 40x80in and each costs £21,625, according to the website.

Small-format versions of each print (24x36in) are signed on the print itself and available unframed for £8,225 or framed for £8,570.

For details visit www.20ltd.com.

Picture credits: 20ltd.com

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