Read our full in-depth review of the Lee Filters ProGlass IRND’s and see how they compare to the company’s Big Stopper

After two years of development, LEE Filters has launched a new set of neutral density filters.

Originally designed for the film industry ProGlass IRND filters to meet the needs of the world’s leading cinematographers, they are available to the stills photographers in sizes to fit the LEE Filters Seven5, 100mm and SW150 systems.

Made from 2mm-thick, optically flat glass, new coating technology has meant that the range is available in two (0.6ND), three (0.9ND), four (1.2ND) and six (1.8ND) stops, but also in ultra-long 10 (3ND) and 15-stop (4.5ND) versions.

In addition, filters in the ProGlass IRND range are designed to block both infrared and ultraviolet pollution. So, blacks should be rendered truly black, whites should be clean, and all of it should be crisp. The 6, 10 and 15-stop versions come with a foam seal to prevent light leaks during long exposures.

All the filters in the range can be used in conjunction with other filters, including neutral-density grads and the polariser.

The ProGlass IRND range is available now through the LEE Filters dealer network – priced from £132.

Shot with a 0.6ND filter (unprocessed)