A photography tax is to be imposed in the picturesque village of Positano

The Italian seaside town of Positano is one of the most well known photography destinations in the world. However, a new photography charge could soon see this change.

The municipality of the colourful village on the Amalfi coast is imposing 1,000 euros of tax for photographers wanting to use their images for commercial purposes, according to The Times.

Commercial photographers will have to apply for a permit to capture the landscape, while videographers will be charged 2,000 euros for a permit to film the iconic location.

La Repubblica reports that the new restrictions passed by the City Council will go into force in mid-November.

The town’s mayor, Michele De Lucia, told the Italian publication that the cost was not being imposed for financial gain, but rather to have control over brands associated with the town.

The tax is not meant to stop anyone taking photographs of the Italian town so has a number of notable exemptions.

Amateur photographers do not need to worry with no tax on recreational images. Likewise, the tax will not apply for those in publishing with television programmes, magazines, newspapers and documentaries exempt.

Positano is a popular wedding destination so the municipality have added that they will grant applications for wedding videos, provided they are submitted ten days before the event.

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This isn’t the first time that a place has tried to ban photographs being taken of it.

In May 2017, locals in the Swiss village of Graubünden voted to stop tourists taking photographs because they may make people who see them on social media unhappy, according to The Local.

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