POLAROID’S x530, the world’s first compact digital camera to feature Foveon’s X3 imaging sensor, has been recalled owing to a ‘technical issue’, according to a report that has appeared on the internet.

In a statement, World Wide Licenses (WWL), which sells Polaroid-branded products, confirmed that the camera was sent to some Argos stores ‘by mistake’ before it had been approved for shipment.

It is understood that only small numbers had already been dispatched to shops and actually sold.

WWL declined to comment on a report that appeared on a photography website in which Michael Thomas, sales and marketing manager for WWL Europe, is quoted as saying that the recall was due to a ‘technical issue’ with some of the cameras.

Announced early last year, the x530 is now scheduled to be released in August.

The Foveon X3 sensor records colour information in three layers of pixels, capturing light in a similar way to film. The first Foveon sensor was installed in Sigma’s SD9 digital SLR.

For more information call WWL on 0845 300 4312.