A major update to Adobe’s Photoshop CC is on the way and to get the people going, Adobe has released this teaser video to show off one of the latest functions.

The new “Curvature Pen Tool” makes it easier than ever for editors to create curved shapes or paths. Located under the existing Pen Tool, accessible when you click and hold the Pen icon.

Using the new tool looks straightforward enough, you simply have to click the points you want to join and then click to create the curves. While double clicking between two path points will create a corner path.

curvature pen tool

The Curved Pen Tool is just one of the new features slated to be coming to the updated Adobe Photoshop CC software in the coming month or so. The “major update” is intended to bring stability and significant workflow benefits to Adobe Photoshop CC users. Watch the 1-minute video above to see just how easy it is to use.