Photography rights campaigners have urged amateur and professional photographers to report any experiences they have taking pictures around the Olympics site in East London.

The ?Olympics Callout? has appeared on the website of I?m a Photographer Not a Terrorist, in response to the massive security operation expected to surround the Games which begin on 27 July.

The campaigners state: ?We want to hear from you about any experiences or incidents you have, positive or negative, photographing around the Olympics site in the run-up or during the Games, or otherwise in connection with the Olympics (increased stops, with Olympics given as a reason etc).?

Photographers are asked to email their experiences to

? Meanwhile, in accordance with Amateur Photographer (AP)?s ongoing campaign, AP readers should report incidents surrounding photography in public anywhere in the UK, to AP?s newsdesk ? for the attention of Chris Cheesman ? at (tel: 0203 148 4129).