Campaigners at ‘New55 Film’ have so far raised more than $150,000 of the $400,000 they say is needed over the next 18 days to get their project off the ground.

More than 1,000 people have so far backed the US-based venture.

The film, which produces a black & white negative and a positive print, is designed to be used on a 4×5 camera with a Polaroid 545 Land Film Holder.

Bob Crowley, who founded the project, says New55 is ‘not a recreation of Polaroid Type 55’.

He adds: ‘It is a new single-shot system that incorporates a negative material, a processing pod, a special positive receiver sheet and other components needed for a field-processable instant photograph – to be produced without a darkroom.’

Campaigners say they plan to release the film eight months after raising the necessary funds.

They add that it may be possible to launch an 8×10 version at a future date, although there are currently no plans for this.

Photographs taken using first samples of the film have been posted on Flickr.

A box of five film sheets is expected to cost $6, and there are plans to distribute it in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Polaroid Type 55 was admired for its aesthetic
and technical qualities.

For full details of the New55 project, and to make a donation, visit the Kickstarter project page.

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