Picture credits: Frank Hallam Day

Washington-based photographer Frank Hallam Day won a €10,000 Leica M9-P kit, plus €5,000 cash, for a series of images entitled ‘Alumascapes’ which he captured in the ‘jungle landscapes’ of Florida.

‘Frank Hallam Day’s images reveal that the relationship between man and the environment is more ambiguous than ever before,’ said Leica in a statement.

Judges said the pictures reveal how ‘brightly lit mobile homes cower and hide themselves between the trees’.

They added: ‘The mood is gloomy and grim, and communicates a feeling of escape, furtiveness, isolation and fear.

‘Although his images appear posed and artificial, they are not.

‘The residents of the vehicles are never seen – they knew nothing of the presence of the photographer.’

Piotr Zbierski from Poland was named runner-up.

The 2012 contest pulled in more than 2,800 entries.

Most were from Germany, China and the USA.

Frank Hallam Day used a Leica camera for his winning project. Though, at the time of writing, organisers had yet to confirm to AP which model he used.

To view the winning portfolios visit www.leica-oskar-barnack-award.com