This image, entitled ‘Dennis with Walking Stick’, was among many examples of work Gerry showed fellow members of Dunchurch Photographic Society [Picture credit: Gerry Coyle LRPS]

Gerry Coyle, 65, who had only recently retired, had gone missing from Mount Snowdon in October 2012.

His body was found in a gulley in April this year.

Gerry, pictured below, had reportedly fallen 150ft from the Welsh mountain after trying to take photos of a sunset.

Last week, a coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Gerry had been at the end of a two-week tour of the UK.

‘It was almost his last day,’ recalled Bob Mercer, a fellow member of Dunchurch Photographic Society in Warwickshire.

‘He came to me about a week before he set off…

‘It wasn’t a surprise to learn that he was going to hire a VW camper van and take a photographic tour up the east coast and then down the west coast of Britain.’

Bob said Gerry joined the Society in 2007 and that his photographic contributions to the club had developed ‘significantly’ over the years.

He added: ‘He had some interesting ideas, including getting a group of us to perform in a ghostly manner under Chesterton Windmill on one practical evening.’

‘Even before his recent retirement he would “put effort” into his photography.

‘An example was his “Panel of Prints” entry for an internal competition which involved a reclining model tastefully spread out over five prints – it wasn’t one image cut up, but five separately taken shots.’

Gerry Coyle, pictured three years ago