Photographer and videographer Miles Myerscough-Harris, who is well-known for trying out ‘weird’ film cameras and expired film on his social media, brought a 127-year-old camera to a shoot. The camera is a No.4 Cartridge Kodak from 1897, which Myerscough-Harris found at an antique store.

Myerscough-Harris, who was tasked by a Swedish football club to recreate a team photo from 1924, chose Ilford Delta 3200 film, explaining that, ‘I needed to be sure I had film that was fast enough to capture the image in an indoor stadium, on a camera with fairly rudimentary controls. It did the job perfectly! Plus the extra grain of 3200 ISO film helped make it look even more vintage.’

He said the actual shoot proved ‘stressful’ as he had to measure the distance between himself and the players to set the focus using the bellows on the camera.

‘In total I reckon I probably had 15 seconds to compose the photo, check focus and fire the shutter, by which point the team ran off to start the match, so I literally only took one frame!’ he said.

Myerscough-Harris then sent the film to be developed and scanned at Analogue Wonderland, ‘I was so worried that it wouldn’t come out, but when I got the scans back we managed to nail the shot, which was extremely satisfying (and relieving)’.

Photographer brings 127-year-old camera to a football match, Miles Myerscough-Harris
Photo credit: Miles Myerscough-Harris

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