Carlos Clarke in his studioBob Carlos Clarke in his studio, 2004

Picture credit: Copyright Paul Plews

Five years after the tragic death of photographer Bob Carlos Clarke, plans to release a film about his work have been revealed.

The photographer?s friends and family have launched an appeal to raise £75,000 for a movie called Darkroom: The Obsessions of Bob Carlos Clarke.

Anyone donating £100 will be listed in the film credits.

Those pledging £5,000 or more will be named as an ‘Executive Producer’, say directors of the photographer’s estate.

The movie is being made by female directing duo, Bert&Bertie, and produced by Amy Gilliam.

Bob?s widow Lindsey said: ?We have agreed and decided to go down the film route, rather than a TV documentary because we want to produce a creative piece of work that will last in perpetuity.

?We also feel that Bob would have loved the fact that two women are making a film about him.’

The photographer died in March 2006 after being struck by a Waterloo-bound train at the White Hart Lane level-crossing at Barnes in South-West London.

An inquest heard that he had taken his own life.

Born in 1950, the award-winning photographer worked in many areas of photography, including fashion, advertising and photojournalism. He also captured many portraits of celebrities.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that Lindsey has announced plans to remarry.

To view the movie trailer click HERE.

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