President Francois Hollande has reportedly ordered an immediate investigation into the death of 26-year-old Camille Lepage, whose body was found by French soldiers in a vehicle driven by ‘anti-balaka’ militia in the west of the country.

The photojournalist, a freelance from Angers who moved to South Sudan in July 2012, had work published worldwide, including by the BBC, The Guardian and The Washington Post.

Speaking to US photography website PetaPixel in October 2013, Camille told of her experiences photographing the struggles of South Sudan.

Asked what drove her to go there she said: ‘I’ve always wanted to go and live in a place where no one else wants to go, and cover in-depth conflict related stories…’

In her last Twitter post, on 6 May, Camille wrote: ‘Travelling with Anti Balaka to Amada Gaza, about 120km from Berberati, we left at 3.30am to avoid the Misca checkpoints and it took us 8 hours by motorbike as there [are] no proper roads to reach the village.

‘In the region of Amada Gaza, 150 people were killed by the Seleka between March and now.

‘Another attack took place on Sunday killing 6 people…’

Camille’s work can be seen HERE: