Pentax RS1000 ?DIY? camera launched by Pentax

A camera that allows users to design and print their own body styles has been launched by Pentax.

The Pentax RS1000 features a removable transparent cover under which photos or graphics, printed on to a supplied template, can be placed to create a personalised ?skin?.

The 14-million-pixel model has a 4x 28-110mm f/3.2-5.9 zoom lens, allows ISO ratings between 100-6400 and is capable of shutter speeds between ¼-1/2000sec, with a 4sec night scene mode. A burst mode captures 16 frames at a rate of 16fps with VGA resolution, and nine post capture filters include ?toy camera?, ?retro?, starburst, soft and black & white effects.

A second compact announced by Pentax, the Pentax RZ10, offers a 10x 28-280mm f/3.2-5.9 lens and a 14-million-pixel sensor. Available in five colours, the Pentax RZ10 features sensor-shift shake reduction, a 1cm macro mode, a top ISO speed of 6400 and image-proportion options for 1:1, 4:3 and 16:9. In high-drive mode the camera can capture up to 40 5MP frames at a rate of 9.1fps.

Priced £119 and £179 respectively, the Pentax RS1000 and Pentax RZ10 will be available from October.

The Pentax RZ10 comes in five colours

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