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The K-30 features a 23.7×15.7mm imaging sensor, a burst rate of six [JPEG-format] frames per second and a top shutter speed of 1/6000sec.

Designed to be weather resistant, dustproof and ‘cold-proof’, the K-30’s body has 81 seals.

‘Its exterior has been designed to be both sporty and functional, for active outdoor shooting,’ said Pentax in a statement.

‘A large grip for a secure hold… a low-profile pentaprism housing for reduced height; and a rounded, soft-rubber casing for firm hold of the camera during vertical-position shooting.’

The K-30’s Safox IXi+ AF sensor system is claimed to deliver ‘improved AF performance’.

This includes the ability to ‘continue to track a moving subject, even when it moves out of a pre-assigned auto-tracking area’.

The K-30 incorporates a new ‘select area expansion function’, and nine of the camera’s 11 sensor points have cross-type sensors, adds Pentax.

Firepower also includes an HD movie option (1920×1080 pixels), 19 digital filter effects (including miniature) and a top equivalent ISO sensitivity of 25,600 when expanded.

The K-30’s 3in LCD monitor carries a resolution of 921,000 dots.

An optional battery holder (D-BH109) will allow the camera to be powered by four AA batteries.

The K-30 is due to land in UK stores at the end of June, at a price yet to be confirmed, in a choice of black, white and blue finishes.

Pentax has also confirmed the imminent UK debut of a 50mm f/1.8 K-mount lens, designed to deliver the 35mm viewing-angle equivalent of a 76.5mm optic.

Built to be travel-friendly, the SMC Pentax-DA 50mm f/1.8 weighs 122g.

Availability and price of the lens has yet to be confirmed.

Pentax UK has released this price list:


K30 Black Body – £599.99
K30 Black + DA L 18-55mm – £649.99
K30 Black + DA L18-55 mm + DA L 50-200 mm – £749.99
K30 Black + 18-135mm WR – £929.99
K30 Black + DA L 18-55 mm + DA L55-300 mm – £829.99           
K-30 Black + DA 18-55 WR – £679.99
K-30 Black + DA 18-55 WR + DA 50-200mm WR – £829.99
K30 WHITE Body – £599.99
K30 WHITE Z KIT + DA L18-55 mm – £649.99
K-30 WHITE + DA 18-55 WR – £679.99
K30 BLUE Body – £599.99
K30 BLUE + DA L 18-55 mm – £649.99

smc PENTAX-DA 50mm f/1.8: £249.99