A 3D lens unit designed for the Panasonic Lumix G series of Micro Four Thirds cameras was on display at the IFA electronics show in Berlin. Shown on an unmarked G series camera body the new unit appears to be a slightly different design from previous dummy units shown, as the glass cover has been removed, exposing a recessed lens area. A pair of lenses are mounted side by side in a formation that looks as though they record stereo pairs simultaneously on the sensor. If this is the case, the resolution of images recorded will be relatively low, dependant on the resolution of the sensor in the camera the unit is mounted on. Side-by-side images on current 4000×3000-pixel G2 camera sensors could not be more than 2000 pixels in length if they touched in the middle and reached to the sensor?s edge ? that is, no more than half the total width of the sensor.

Alternatively, Panasonic may be planning to capture full-sensor images by firing the individual lenses in sequence ? though there was no shutter mechanism in evidence. Previous statements suggested that the two images, or chips, would sit side-by-side on the sensor and that they would be captured simultaneously so that moving objects could be photographed.

Panasonic staff would not be drawn on details of the new 3D lens unit, which bodies it would work with or when it would be launched, but we should expect more information during the photokina show later this month.

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