Lumix G 3D lens final details confirmed

Panasonic has released final details for the 3D lens unit it will be selling for the Lumix G series of Micro Four Thirds cameras. The unit consists of two lenses mounted side?by-side which record dual images simultaneously onto the camera?s sensor. The resolution of the images will depend on the resolution of the camera in use, but as an example when used with the new Lumix GH2 each image will measure 2048×1536 pixels (3.14 million). The f/12 lenses have a focal length of 12.5mm, but through the viewfinder the effect will be that of a 65mm lens on a full frame body.

Focus is fixed to optimise front to back sharpness, and the centre of the lenses are separated by 20mm, which suggests the unit will be more suitable for closer subjects rather than distant landscapes. The focus range is quoted as 0.6m to infinity.

Images will be recorded in the MPO format (the same format that Fuji uses in its FinePix REAL 3D W series cameras) with an accompanying normal JPEG stored simultaneously. Compatible first with the GH2 body, the lens will also be able to be used on the G2 after a firmware update. Owners of the G1 will not be able to use the lens to create MPO files, but AP tests show that two images can still be recorded on the sensor for manual pairing in software or to print as stereo pairs.

The Lumix G 3D lens will be available from November, priced around £249.

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