When you’re on a tight budget, it can be tough to justify buying more gear. But there are ways to upgrade your set-up without taking a massive hit to your bank balance. With MPB, you might be able to shoot with an out-of-this-world set-up sooner than you think.

MPB specialises in used kit, which means our gear costs less. When you want to save money, choosing used is a no-brainer – but it’s only the first step in smart saving. Here are a few more of our tips.

You can get an instant quote online if you want to sell some of your gear

A rich history
It’s no secret that retailers can be preoccupied with selling you the latest – and most expensive – products. As a used specialist, we have a seriously dynamic range of gear, spanning decades of releases. In fact, this means we’re able to stock around four times as many unique models compared to the brand-new market.

It’s true that every new generation comes with updates and extra features. But it’s also the case that they’re not always relevant. Every photographer’s work requires entirely different things. Why pay a premium for features that won’t necessarily help your photography? It’s not the best investment.

Fortunately for photographers, camera equipment isn’t built with any planned obsolescence – unlike other electronics. Some dinosaurs of the camera world still give the ‘new blood’ a real run for their money. Not sure what gear you need? Feel free to get in touch with our team. We’re proud to have the freedom to offer completely impartial advice – we’re not linked to any camera manufacturers.

MPB can guarantee impartial advice so get in touch with our team at any time

Well used, used well
For every model we trade, we offer options in a spectrum of condition grades, all at different price points. On the surface, our ‘well used’ or ‘heavily used’ options might not look as perfect as their ‘like new’ and ‘excellent’ counterparts – but your photos undoubtedly will. Our product specialists thoroughly check every camera, lens, drone and accessory to ensure they’re in perfect working condition, regardless of cosmetics. We even include a six-month warranty, for your peace of mind.

Trade in
It’s the easiest way to free up funds. We know it’s human nature to procrastinate, and the idea of selling things can seem like a hassle. And in many cases, it absolutely can be. But not with MPB. We’ve made every effort to streamline selling, making it as simple and easy as possible for you to free up funds.

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MPB checks every item to ensure it is in perfect working condition

The process using the MPB platform is child’s play. Photographers have rated the experience five stars on Trustpilot. If you don’t need your current backup camera, niche lens or rarely used flashgun, put them to good use. At MPB, we constantly update our pricing to reflect the current market value, so you can be sure you’re getting a great deal.

Unsure whether you’re ready to part with it just yet? It can’t hurt to get an instant quote online – it’s completely commitment free. What’s gathering dust on your shelf? There might be more money tied up in it than you think. With enough to exchange, you could entirely offset the cost of trading up.

There is always a comprehensive variety of used gear in stock

Shoot first, pay later
It’s frustrating to put aside savings for your dream kit every payday, knowing that it’ll be months until you can shoot with it. That’s why we recently introduced PayPal Credit as a payment choice. This makes the cost more manageable by spreading payments over a few months.

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