OnePlus 10T announced: high-performance and triple-cameras, but no Hasselblad collab – OnePlus has announced its latest flagship model, the OnePlus 10T, which will sit alongside its other flagship, the OnePlus 10 Pro.

Unlike the OnePlus 10 Pro, the key headlines of the 10T is its performance, with it using a better processor, more RAM and better charging tech than its sibling.

Most notably for photographers, while the smartphone has a triple-camera array, the lenses are not made in collaboration with Hasselblad, unlike the OnePlus 10 Pro.

OnePlus 10T rear cameras (close-up) consist of ultra-wide, wide (standard), and 2MP macro

OnePlus 10T rear cameras (close-up) consist of ultra-wide, wide (standard), and 2MP macro

The main camera features a 50 megapixel IMX766 1/1.56-inch sensor, which is joined by a wide angle lens which includes optical image stabilisation (OIS). The camera is capable of recording photos in full 10-bit colour.

Accompanying the main camera is an ultra-wide angle lens which offers an almost 120 degree angle of view, which sits in front of an 8 megapixel sensor. An additional 2 megapixel macro camera enables close-up shooting from a distance of 2-4cm.

Another interesting feature is OnePlus’ “Image Clarity Engine” (ICE) 2.0, which boasts a new algorithm that enables the phone to capture photos faster, and with greater level of details. As you press the shutter, the device will automatically take and process tens of photos, selecting the best for the final image. Although this is something we’ve seen in previous devices, it is promised to work faster for the 10T.

OnePlus 10T Night mode is improved

OnePlus 10T Night mode is improved

Also improved is HDR performance, when capturing images using the primary rear camera. This is designed to give more pleasing shots when there’s high contrast between foreground and background lighting. Also apparently improved is low-light shooting, with Nightscape 2.0 using intelligent algorithms to produce images with improved brightness, sharpness and detail.

Moving away from camera-specific specifications, the OnePlus 10T has the latest Snapdragon processor, which is reportedly 10% faster to run and 40% more efficient than the processor found in the OnePlus 10 Pro. 16GB of RAM is the most memory found onboard a OnePlus phone to date.

OnePlus 10T photo mode

OnePlus 10T photo mode – without Hasselblad

Super-fast charging is another interesting feature, with full charging from 0-100% promised in just 19 minutes when using the bundled charger. You can give the OnePlus 10T a 3 minute power boost to bring the phone from 0 to 29%.

A new cooling system promises to keep the phone 8.5% cooler than previous models, while 15 antennas inside the phone are designed for better signal.

The OnePlus 10T will go on sale from 25 August, and have an RRP of £629 or £729 depending on how much storage you want.

Considering both the OnePlus 10T and the OnePlus 10 Pro will remain on sale (and both have the same price), we asked OnePlus which one is better for photographers. The 10 Pro remains its key recommendation for those whom photography is most important, but it stresses that the on-board camera system on the 10T is still excellent.

This could make the 10T a better “all-rounder” for those who also want to carry out gaming, run multiple apps and so on – as well as using the on-board camera.

OnePlus 10T Portrait mode, photo: Amy Davies

10T – The portrait mode gives a nice background blur, photo: Amy Davies

We’ve been able to spend some time shooting with the OnePlus 10T ahead of its announcement and initial results are impressive. Colours are bright and vibrant, with excellent detail – particularly from the primary 50MP camera.

Pink flower taken with the OnePlus 10T smartphone, Amy Davies

Pink flower taken with the OnePlus 10T smartphone, Amy Davies

Ultrawide angle images are also good too, and we’ll be keen to test out the close-up lens further. See some sample images below ahead of our full review which will be published in due course. Click to enlarge, and view full-size sample photos:

Sausage dog, OnePlus 10T Sample Photo, Amy Davies

Sausage dog, OnePlus 10T sample photo, Amy Davies

OnePlus 10T ultra-wide-angle camera, photo: Amy Davies

OnePlus 10T ultra-wide-angle sample photo, Amy Davies

Wide-angle shot with the standard camera, Amy Davies

Wide-angle shot with the standard camera, Amy Davies

Offers from OnePlus on the OnePlus 10T:

Users who pre-order through stand a chance to win a free OnePlus 10T (8+128GB variant). Users pre-ordering through can also benefit from a 40% discount on OnePlus Buds Pro and 60% discount on OnePlus Buds Z2, as well as win gifts such as OnePlus Buds Pro, OnePlus Buds Z2, a Sandstone Bumper Case and a Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Further, members of the Red Cable Club will win three times more Red Coins when they pre-order the smartphone which can then unlock even more benefits. Finally, also offers potential buyers 50 EUR/GBP trade-in benefit with the 10T and a special 5% discount for all students.

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