Picture: Michael Woodford, just weeks after he exposed the scandal that cost him his job as Olympus president

The movie, to be called Exposure, has won support from Film4 and will be a ‘first-person’ account of the battle to uncover a £1.1 billion financial scandal, exposed by former Olympus president-turned-whistleblower Michael Woodford in October 2011.

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Woodford (pictured) said: ‘Whilst I received many approaches, I’ve always wanted to make this film with The Ink Factory, as it was [producer and co-founder] Simon Cornwell who wrote to me as the drama of the Olympus scandal was unfolding, and encouraged me throughout those frightening and disturbing months of 2011 and 2012.’

Cornwell said: ‘We see this as a rich, character-driven drama about a man called to take extraordinary action.

‘There are all the elements of a thriller, the constant shadow of the Yakuza and the very real sense of physical threat.

‘It is also a tale full of contemporary resonance and moral depth.

‘We are very excited to be working with Michael Woodford in bringing his unbelievable experiences to the screen.’

Details of the deal, which was announced today, have not been disclosed.

A spokesman for The Ink Factory today told Amateur Photographer that there is, as yet, no word on who will play Woodford in the movie, when shooting will start, or a release date.

The movie is expected to take its title from Woodford’s book, Exposure, published at the end of last year.

The Ink Factory is based in London and Los Angeles.

[Picture credit: C Cheesman]


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