Christie has today been named as executive director and presenter of the nine-part TV series for photographers, which is due to be screened next summer.

Christie (pictured) worked extensively for British Vogue during the 1970s and early 1980s and has shot portraits of numerous personalities and film stars including Cary Grant and Sir John Mills.

The photographer’s work has appeared on album covers and he has captured
portraits for bands such as The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.

He moved away from photography in 1982 to write and direct commercials and music videos.

Christie now focuses on screen writing but says he maintains a passion for photography.

Haider Mannan, who created the concept for the yet-to-be-named TV series, said: ‘We quite possibly have one of the only remaining true greats of old-school photography.

‘Willie will win the hearts of our viewing audience – he has a delightfully warm personality and is a master of the craft and the art of style photography.’

In an interview with Amateur Photographer last week, Mannan described photography as an ‘up-trending activity’ in a world awash with camera phones.

In a statement, Christie said today: ‘Photography is now ubiquitous, but more doesn’t necessarily mean better by flicking a switch to get a cool effect.

‘It will be fun to stop the clock, strip away the layers and rediscover timeless images that have a “point of view”.’

Photographers will be able to apply to be a contestant on the programme from the end of October.

Christie’s portfolio includes this image, captured on the set of James Bond film, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ (model, Jerry Hall), for Vogue in 1976