I try out a lot of cameras in my role as deputy editor of AP, but being a Nikon D750 user in my downtime (mainly for weddings and travel), I was keen to try out the new Nikon Z7, particularly as my colleague Andy Westlake had given it such a glowing review. Having spent more years than I care to remember lugging heavy D-SLRs and lenses around various parts of the world, there is much about this lighter new camera/lens combo which appeals.

At a recent Nikon press event at the Photokina trade show in Germany I got to try out a Z7 with a range of lenses, and I too am impressed. While the higher resolution 45.7 MP Z7, with a slower burst rate than the Z6, might not seem an obvious choice for action shots, it coped well with this Kendo demonstration (it fires off 9 fps with AE locked and 5.5 fps with continuous AF/AE). Although I did miss having a continuous shooting option on the top dial (you would need to customise a button on the body to avoid time-wasting menu hunting), the AF area is generous, and the viewfinder clear and bright.

ISO performance is impressive too, as the light sensitivity went up to 4400 to cope with the higher shutter speeds needed for fast-moving swordplay.

For this colourful portrait session, I got to use the 105mm f/4 lens, which again is very impressive and sharp. I can imagine the relatively smaller camera body and lenses are less intimidating for your subjects in street and travel portraits, which is another aspect of the Z7 which appeals. Watch out for more on the Z6 and Z7 soon.