The Nikon School, which is now entirely online, has launched a new website. “It is now even easier to navigate through online courses, from virtual photography tours exploring scenic landscapes, to technical tutorials,” said the company.

In addition, ‘On Location’ courses will be added over the coming months, the Hints and Tips section for technical advice has been improved, and a new ‘Reviews’ tab has been added so you can see other participants’ feedback.

Here is a taster of new courses to come:

How to:
* Black and White Photography
* Dog Photography
* Proof Prints

* The Z 6II & Z 7II part 1 and 2
* The Z 6 & Z 7 Part 1 and 2

Master the Nikon Z7 II – one of the new courses

Getting Started with:
* The D3500 & D5600
* The Z 5

Digital Darkroom:
* Introduction to Capture One Pt. 1 and 2
* Introduction to Lightroom Classic pt. 1 and 2

AP readers can use the code NIKONSCHOOLNEW20 to get 20% off one online-only course; if you book virtual landscape photography tour you will also get £20 off any future ‘On Location’ course.

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