nikon.fuji.webThe gaffe was first spotted by freelance photographer David McDonald, who shared a photo on Twitter of a poster on display at an opticians in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

It appears to show a Fujifilm FinePix X100, a camera launched in 2011.

Fujifilm-WCL-X100-wideangle-conversion-lensA Fujifilm FinePix X100

The bizarre story was then reported by the photography websites MirrorlessRumors and PetaPixel yesterday.

Amateur Photographer today sought comment from Nikon UK who, in turn, contacted Nikon Optical.

Nikon Optical said in a statement: ‘An in-store poster for a Nikon Ophthalmic lens product featured a camera from another brand. This was displayed in one optical store in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

‘This was an oversight on our part and the poster has since been removed from the store.

‘We are taking measures to strengthen the review process of our marketing materials.

‘Nikon Optical apologises for any confusion caused by this advertisement and we thank Mr David McDonald for bringing this to our attention.’