Sports photographers will be able to use robot-mounted Nikon D4 DSLRs to capture much of the action remotely at this summer?s Olympics.

The recently announced D800 may also be used in this way, according to Nikon UK?s group marketing manager Jeremy Gilbert who said the robotic device might be used to photograph aquatic events, as well as action on dry land.

The D4 ? which is due on sale this month ? will play a key role at this summer?s Games, said Gilbert who outlined the firm?s plans for London 2012 at the Focus on Imaging Show in Birmingham yesterday.

Gilbert added that Nikon will have 80 staff on hand to loan camera equipment to photographers, and to help carry out minor repairs.

Staff will work in shifts, with the first starting at 7am on each day of the event.

Meanwhile, Nikon claims that orders for the D800 are ?unprecedented?.