Nikon?s DSLR plant in central Thailand remains closed as staff are banned from entering the premises where the water level remains at around two metres high.

The plant, located in the Ayutthaya Province, shut down on 6 October, halting production of most Nikon DSLRs and interchangeable lenses.

The Ayutthaya plant normally churns out about five million DSLRs per year, and a similar number of lenses, according to Nikon UK.

In a statement published on the firm’s Japanese website, Nikon today confirmed that the first floor of the building remains submerged.

?We still have difficulty to grasp overall damage of our equipment and facility since access to the premises continues to be prohibited,? read the Nikon statement dated 21 October.

There is no word on when Nikon bosses expect the factory to re-open.

Nikon is understood to manufacture around 90% of all its DSLRs and 60% of its interchangeable lenses in Thailand.

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