Nikon has finally announced a successor to the incredibly popular Nikon D810. The next DSLR camera release from the brand will be the new Nikon D850.

Nikon confirmed the release of the new Nikon D850 with a press release and video, published on the Nikon Europe Youtube page. The press release stated that the next full-frame DSLR from Nikon will be high resolution and high speed, so we’re expecting an updated FX sensor and improved processing, which could deliver faster continuous shooting, improved AF and possibly 4K-video recording. One detail we do know for sure, thanks to the teaser video, is that the Nikon D850 will feature 8K-timelapse functionality; a first for the DSLR camera class.

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However, with details still thin on the ground, we’ve decided to put it to the community. What would you like to see in the new Nikon D850?