Nikon D5100Nikon fears that its new D5100 DSLR will suffer from a shortage of parts caused by last month?s Japanese earthquake and tsunami as the full impact of the disaster remains unclear.

Though the D5100 will be made in Thailand, it is not yet clear how many parts for the camera will come from ?subcontractors? based at factories in Japan.

Speaking to Amateur Photographer (AP), Michio Miwa, managing director of Nikon UK, said that, in general terms, around 10% of parts used in a Nikon DSLR are sourced from Japanese subcontractors.

The Nikon UK boss expressed his concerns to AP after the company unveiled its latest DSLR at a press briefing in central London yesterday.

During the meeting, Nikon said it was still assessing the full impact of the 11 March quake and tsunami and expressed its sympathy to the victims, one of whom is known to be a Nikon employee.

Nikon said it will provide updates on the effects of the Japan disaster, through the company website.


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