The 50cm rail, and compact carriage system, are designed to help videographers achieve great tracking shots from cameras weighing up to 800g. The Camslide Micro Go can be mounted on a floor, table or mounted on a tripod via a standard 1/4in threaded hole in the centre of the rail. It also features two end supports. The Hague Camslide Micro Go costs £48. For full details click HERE.

Press release
The Hague Camslide Micro Go is the ultimate camera slider for GoPro, action cameras, small SLR cameras or even lightweight video cameras. Its smooth 500mm rail and compact carriage offer a true gliding effect, which allows you to achieve wonderful slider tracking shots.

The Camslide Micro Go can be used on a table, the floor or tripod mounted and the unique carriage system allows you to connect the camera without having to remove the carriage from the rail. It incorporates a standard 1/4in camera screw, which allows you to attach the camera directly to it or a small ball head could be used if desired. With the GoPro cameras having the ability to tilt the angle of the camera it makes it very easy to achieve the desired position.

Like the other Hague Camslide systems it is made from high-quality materials ensuring that both the anodised track and linear bearing carriage are of the highest standards to provide the best performance. The rubber-coated carriage provides a comfortable seating area for your camera to be mounted.

The Camslide Micro Go is a compact and lightweight system but still offers half a metre of slide, which, for many shots, is more than enough. It has two end supports for use on tables or the ground and a standard 1/4in threaded hole in the centre of the rail which allows you to mount it to a tripod.

Creating smooth movements with the Micro Go is easy to achieve as the unique carriage design incorporates an indent to which you can use your finger or thumb to control the movement. This makes it easy to control the movement and create those stunning tracking shots.

Suitable for cameras up to 800g in weight and cameras should be mounted so they are centrally balanced for optimum performance. Ideal for GoPro and other lightweight cameras.

Size: L 500 x W 90 x H 50mm
Weight: 335g
Colour: Black with a natural anodized aluminium rail