Hoya has released a range of compact Pro ND Graduated filters, which will be available in 77mm and 82mm diameters with a choice of ND16 and ND32 densities. Hoya’s ProND Grad filters are round, screw-in type and offer advantages over other Grad ND filters, the company says. “They offer completely neutral colour-balance, thanks to ACCU-ND coating technology. Anti-reflection and water repellent coatings enable high performance in harsh outdoor environments and a front thread allows combination with other filters as well as the ability to accept lens caps.

Rather than having to choose between hard and soft graduation, HOYA ProND graduation is ‘blender’ style, with a smooth, continuous transition from dark to clear across the whole filter… this can be used in a variety of situations, especially when the scenery and horizon have a complex or uneven structure.”

There is also a slim rotating frame, made from aluminium alloy, to help with the positioning of the graduated ND area and a marker on the rim, showing the point of deepest density. The filters should be available in July and suggested retail prices will range from £110 to £160. For more information, see here.