We’ve seen toy and action figure photography before, but this idea takes it to a whole new level. LEGO in Focus: Explore the Miniature World of LEGO Photography is a photobook that assembles the work of 50 photographers, all focusing on one subject – LEGO.

The images get in close and personal with the LEGO figurines who are featured, essentially depicting a world as seen from their perspective. The diverse range of scenes includes model representations of deep-sea diving and snowstorms. But there’s also some more lighthearted stuff, like days in the sun and nights at the disco.

Contributors to the book come from Brick Central and Stuck in Plastic, two fan-based communities built around love of LEGO and miniature photography. The book also includes behind-the-scenes progress shots, to give readers some insight into the image construction process.

LEGO-themed photography has also had something of a moment this year, with even famous portrait photographer Rankin getting in on the action to mark the brand’s 90th anniversary.

Fancy trying out some of the photographic techniques displayed in the book? The trick is to make sure you’ve got a solid setup for close-up work. Our guide to the best-value macro lenses is a good place to start if you want to get into shooting close-ups. Also, don’t miss our top macro photography tips, and our guide to how to take macro photos on a smartphone.

You can pre-order the book LEGO in Focus from Abrams and Chronicle. It’s scheduled for publication on October 13th, 2022.

Lego in Focus book front cover

The cover of LEGO in Focus.

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