The new look is the result of months of work behind the scenes, and is much more than just a rearrangement of the furniture. As well as a great new design, we’ll be introducing some new regular features, with a greater emphasis on inspirational images and practical advice.

We’ve got some new columnists lined up, too, kicking off with Jon Bentley from The Gadget Show, but you’ll still find old favourites like Roger Hicks, Ivor Matanle and Martin Evening.

Even though we’ve given AP a more modern twist, the core elements of its DNA, those things that make it unique, are still present and correct. In depth, science-based reviews? Check. Insightful interview features with the world’s top photographers? Check. Features on the history and heritage of photography, both technical and cultural? Check. Coverage of film as well as digital? Check.

Everyone on the team has worked really hard to make AP the best that it can be and, like expectant parents, we can’t wait for you to see it. Don’t forget to buy your copy!

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