Leading used specialist MPB has announced that public voting is now open for its first ever Photo and Video Kit Hall of Fame. The idea is to honour the best photo and video equipment of the digital era, and there are 25 nominees across five awards categories, as chosen by MPB’s experts: Classic, Game Changer, Iconic, Road Tested and Trendsetter. These cover 13 leading brands. As you’d expect, a lot of hugely influential gear has been nominated, including the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, the Nikon D810 and the Leica M3.

“Being able to handle this range and calibre of kit week in and week out, we’re honoured to be launching the Photo and Video Kit Hall of Fame,” said Matt Barker, MPB’s founder and CEO. “The kit you shoot with can give you the freedom to explore creatively as well as the confidence that you’ll get the right shot. We understand how passionate people are about camera gear, and we launched this Hall of Fame to give people a tangible way to engage with that passion.”

Voting is open until 11 August 2020 and MPB will announce the inaugural 2020 class on World Photography Day, which is 19 August 2020. The gear itself will feature in an exhibition in Brooklyn, New York City. Details about the exhibition and future induction events will be announced in the coming months. More information and voting here