This month sees the delayed UK debut of Fujichrome Provia 400X, a professional colour transparency film originally due to be launched last autumn.

Replacing Fujichrome Provia 400F the film is claimed to have ?one of the world?s highest levels of grain quality and sharpness, while delivering the same vivid colour reproduction and regulated grey balance as that of an ISO 100 film?.

However, a UK spokesman was not able to tell us why the film?s debut had been delayed.

The film will be out in 35mm and 120 formats and will cost the same as Provia 400x emulsion, according to Fujifilm UK.

AP first reported the upcoming launch almost a year ago (see AP 22 April 2006).

The company describes Provia 400X as a ?highly versatile? film suitable for general-purpose applications, including landscape, nature, sports, portrait and fashion photography.