Manfrotto has launched the new Lumie series of LED lights, aimed at photo enthusiasts seeking a ‘reliable, high-quality lighting solution’ for stills and video. There are three versions: the Lumie Play (£44.95); Lumie Art (£69.95); and Lumie Muse (£99.95). Each comes with a variety of filters.


London, 26 March 2015

Manfrotto, the world leader in equipment and accessories for the photography and imaging industry, proudly announces the launch of the new LUMIE Series of LED lights.

Designed for photo enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable, high-quality lighting solution, the LUMIE series offers cutting-edge technology and performance as well as extreme portability.

Intelligent Design
The LUMIE LED design is a step away from the conventional LED panel design and raises the aesthetic and technical bar for enthusiast level lighting. They feature super bright surface mount LED technology and superb colour accuracy (>92% CRI), which means that the user, whether a photographer or videographer, can rely on LUMIE to produce excellent images with natural colour every time.

Simple Accessories
The LUMIE range is intended to make lighting for your photos and videos as simple, flexible and unique as possible. Each LUMIE LED kit comes with a snap-fit filter mount as well as a variety of CTO and diffusing filters, all packaged in their own filter case. In addition to the standard filters, there are Portrait, Classic and Multicolour filter kits that can really help to expand the way the user approaches their lighting with a wide variety of useful and unique objects.

The LUMIE ball head also helps to perfect the lighting set-up. The head is friction based and enables 360° pan orientation and up to 35° in any other direction. The ball head is included with LUME Muse kits and will be sold separately for use with the other LEDs in the range.

The largest LUMIE in the range weighs just 140g and is around the size of a cassette tape. The USB rechargeable Li-ion batteries provide superb battery life allowing you to make the most of the photo/video shoot. Combined with its spectacular performance and excellent accessories, these features make LUMIE an indispensable part of every photo enthusiast’s kit bag.

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Prices are as follows:

LUMIE PLAY – £44.95
LUMIE ART – £69.95
LUMIE MUSE – £99.95