Photo-printing specialist CEWE has carried out a survey to mark World Wellbeing Week from June 21 to 30, and it reveals that looking back at photos has a more positive effect on mental wellbeing than exercise or meditating.

The survey spoke to 2000 CEWE customers across the UK; taking a bath ranked first (34%), followed by looking at photos (32%), exercise (25%), listening to podcasts (9%) and meditating (8%).

Furthermore, the survey highlighted the range of positive emotions looking back on photos can have. Participants said it makes them feel nostalgic (65%), happy (56%), relaxed (31%), and inspired (14%)

“Photos have a magical quality that allows us to be transported back to our happiest memories,” said CEWE’s Claire Moreton.

“This instant feeling of positivity that we get from reminiscing impacts our wellbeing in such a beneficial way. It also helps us feel closer to loved ones and reminds us of those precious moments that we hold so close.” The company recommends making a photo book, creating a gallery wall using bigger prints and, of, course, keeping photos on your desk to boost the feel-good factor.

One of CEWE’s gallery walls

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