The project was part of a study of self-portraits in six cities across the world that also included Bangkok in Thailand, Berlin in Germany, New York in the USA, São Paulo in Brazil and Moscow in Russia.

The ‘selfiecity’ project team analysed 152,462 Instagram images taken in central London from 21-27 September.

The London project was led by Moritz Stefaner, Lev Manovich and a team of art historians, designers and data scientists.

They say they used face-recognition software to establish that Londoners had the ‘least happy faces’.

The study also found that most London selfie-takers (62.8%) were female – the second highest after Moscow.

And more Londoners than elsewhere were pictured wearing glasses (29% compared to 18% in other cities).

The capital also had the highest number of selfies showing people with their eyes closed.

Selfiecity London will form part of an exhibition at Somerset House, which opens tomorrow and runs until 28 February 2016.

Somerset House says the exhibit will allow visitors to ‘discover interesting patterns in the London snaps and compare them to other global cities’.

The show is expected to feature a large rear-projection of the selfiecity London video montage.

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