The photographer who captured the widely-published last picture of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has ?passed all routine medical tests?, according to her employer Snappy Snaps.

Photographer Natasja Weitsz, who works at a Snappy Snaps in Mayfair, London was hired to take pictures of Litvinenko three days before he died in University College Hospital on 23 November.

He had been poisoned by what was found to be the radioactive substance polonium-210.

Snappy Snaps spokeswoman Ann Simpson told us: ?We?re happy to confirm that Natasja was not placed in any danger as part of this job and has passed all routine medical tests.?

Natasja?s photograph ? showing Litvinenko looking weak and without hair – has been circulated worldwide over recent weeks as the mystery surrounding his death continues.

The news comes as health officials try to track down hundreds of people who visited the Pine Bar of the Millennium Hotel in London on 31 October, 1 November or 2 November. This is where Litvinenko is thought to have been exposed to a large dose of polonium-210. Preliminary results from tests have shown that seven members of hotel staff have been exposed to ?low levels of polonium-210?.

Natasja ? who specialises in wedding photography – works at the Shepherd?s Market branch of Snappy Snaps which offers professional photography, in addition to services such as processing and printing.

The Snappy Snaps spokeswoman added: ?We can confirm that Natasja Weitsz is the Snappy Snaps employee who took the last picture of Alexander Litvinenko.?