Leica M8 users are ?more than happy? with the results achieved with the camera?s 18x27mm imaging sensor, according to Leica?s UK managing director.

The news comes a fortnight after Leica Camera AG ?removed? its worldwide CEO Steven K Lee ? his departure triggered by what management described as ?premature? remarks made last month concerning a possible full-frame upgrade to the M8.

Following Lee?s departure Leica began a review of its strategy for the M-system but confirmed its ?desire? to consider full-frame ?within the M-system?.

However, Leica also made it clear that the company?s future may differ from the one set out by Lee.

Yesterday Leica UK announced a £500 cash-back ?reward scheme? for customers buying an M8, M7 or MP camera with a selected lens before the end of May.

Launching the scheme David Bell, managing director at Leica Camera Ltd said: ?There has been much recent speculation concerning the M8 but we can confirm that the current design remains our most important product for 2008/9.?

He added: ?As ownership increases, users seem to really appreciate that it is a faithful reproduction of a true classic M, but in digital form.?

He explained that fans of the M8 include award-winning photographer Tom Stoddart who is set to use two M8s on a ?major EU project?.

Bell continued: ?Leica?s specific CCD sensor design, integrating a very thin glass cover which avoids undesired refractions – combined with additional UV/IR filters – is getting the very best out of the fabulous M lenses.

?Similarly users are more than happy with the results of the 18x27mm size CCD which was a major factor in replicating the true M body size and shape.

?To further increase M8 longevity there will also be shutter and rear display cover options available later in the year.?

Leica announced an upgrade option for M8 users at PMA. Customers can opt to have a quieter shutter (dropping the top shutter speed to 1/4000sec) and the addition of ‘scratch-resistant sapphire glass’ as a cover for the camera’s LCD screen.

The Leica M8, the firm?s first digital rangefinder camera, features a 10-million-pixel imaging sensor and was launched in 2006.

The M7 and MP are film-based models.

The cash-back discount applies at ‘authorised’ dealers only, according to Leica UK.


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