The back of the camera features an ISO sensitivity dial instead of an LCD monitor

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Expected out in May and priced at £4,650, the 24-million-pixel Leica M-D (Type 262) is the fifth camera in the Leica M line-up.

In a statement at lunchtime, Leica said: ‘Although the Leica M-D embodies the entire range of technical developments perfected over decades for the Leica rangefinder system, it intentionally omits all but the most vital features.

‘Concentrating entirely on the key parameters required for photography: shutter speed, aperture, distance and ISO sensitivity, the Leica M-D focuses the user on the most essential aspect – the picture they are taking – and brings back the anticipation of discovering the results later in the process, as when shooting with film.’

Technically speaking, the Leica M-D is based on the Leica M (Type 262).

There is neither live view nor video recording.

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Leica UK managing director Jason Heward added: ‘With the exclusion of the ubiquitous LCD screen, photographers must return to the principles of photography when shooting with the Leica M-D: accurate framing and composition, selecting the appropriate parameters and settings, and ensuring that they capture the decisive moment with the thought and consideration that has always been necessary in analogue photography.

‘This unique rangefinder camera also brings back the fascination and expectation associated with film – returning photography to its origins during the capturing process, whilst maintaining the obvious convenience and benefits of digital technology.’

This is not the first Leica digital camera to lack a monitor, but it is the first production model.

In 2014, Leica released a ‘special edition’ M to celebrate 60 years since the birth of the first M-system camera.

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