Leica cameras are not known for their bargain basement prices, but a recent auction of a rare historic model has just taken the accolade of most expensive camera ever sold.

The camera, a Leica 0-series no.122 is part of a series of only 25 prototypes which were manufactured in 1923, two years before Leica was launched, to test the market.

An incredibly rare piece of camera history, all parts including the paintwork are original, with a matching lens cover and original folding finder, the unique film spool and take-up spool.

Bought by a private collector based in Asia, the camera is thought to be the most expensive historic camera auctioned to date. It fetched a cool €2.4million, roughly equivalent to just over £2.1million during the 32nd WestLicht Camera Auction in Vienna.

Leica was officially founded in 1925, going on to become of the most recognised brands in the world. Today it is known primarily as a producer of luxury models, but also collaborates with other manufacturers, such as Panasonic and Huawei.